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Auto Repair:  What does it mean to you?

Naturally if you don't know a mechanic you call friends, neighbors or anyone who can possibly help you to find out what is wrong with this machine.

Not only someone who can do the repair, but someone who you can trust.

The question is, do you use the guy down the street who might have the knowledge from 20 years ago or do you use a dependable, professional Auto Care Center. Your first response is a professional repair center will probably cost more. It may or may not be a simple adjustment, how do you know? Cheaper does not always mean better! If you pay Joe Shadetree $300 for a brake job and they fail, will he be responsible and fix it or will he tell you it is not his problem? Is Joe Shadetree still there or has he closed shop or moved? This is the nightmare we can solve.

We have been in business for 49 years. We have seen the older simple to repair vehicles to the newer complex computer controlled vehicles of today. Wow! What a change.

We are experienced in the older technology and have kept up with the latest advances in the modern vehicles. We are completely tooled and in most cases can diagnose & repair your issues within 1 to 3 days. No matter how complex or how heavy the repair may be, we practice our craft everyday with these commitments up front.

  1. Courteous Service.
  2. Fair Prices.
  3. Quality Repairs.
  4. Best Parts Available.
  5. Timely Repairs.
  6. Written Warranty Contracts.

We go above & beyond to make your experience with us as comfortable as possible.  We believe that if we can save you money and give you dependable quality auto repair, then we have performed our duties to the best of our abilities. We stand behind our work with our warranties and hope to see you in the future for all of your repair or maintenance needs. We would like to help make today a Good Day!